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Welcome to Vigilantia
Established in 2012 on Forsaken World, this guild was originally meant as a means to keep in touch with a few friends I met in the Freshman Guild soon after I started playing. As a small guild without a base there's no guild quest requirements for membership, although your efforts in growing the community are certainly appreciated and there's no hard feelings if a member leaves for a larger guild.
Anyone, of all levels and experience, with a bit of maturity and a sense of humor is welcome to join.
All I ask is that you keep any drama in PM's and out of guild chat. (Remember: It's a game!)

I hope to keep updating the site whenever I can with more information and features so check back every so often. Hope to see you in game, have fun!

      Notable contributors: (Special thanks to Xaxist, Lehalan, Cinzy and Hurcman)
1. Eillean - I don't know where she finds the time or how she did it so fast but good job, Elli!
2. ThePummeler - Relatively new to the guild, this man has definately done well.
3. Liphrae - Contributing even when time online is short, your guild thanks you.
4. BellStone - I never see him on but he somehow does guild quests! I'm impressed.

Guild and Site are both new and a work in progress, let me know if you see any issues with either.
(Corps leaders name the Corps they command.)
No.1 Corps Leader and Guild Leader: Agardite - Corps Name: Sol (Sun)
No.2 Corps Leader and Vice Leader: AngelicBunni - Corps Name: Sidus (Star)
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Starburst has merged with Vigilantia!

Dragonwing89, Aug 27, 12 7:56 PM.
I'm happy to announce Starburst has merged with Vigilantia! I'd like to personally welcome you all and hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions or comments concerning this merge please contact Agardite or AngelicBunni.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Dragonwing89, Aug 15, 12 9:26 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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